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Kalsnavas Arboretum - one of the most beautiful gardens in Latvia
Address:Jaunkalsnava, Kalsnavas pagasts, Madonas novads
Phone:+ 371 27841099 (Sarmīte Rukmane), 29233063 (Benita Rudzīte)
Offer: collection of ornamental trees and shrubs (140 ha, diversity of around 2,500), visitor center, peony garden (diversity of more than 170), programs for students and newlyweds, tour guide services, excursion, practical activities, watchtower, events
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"Lubana Lake" - the largest lake in Latvia
Address:Madonas un Rēzeknes novadi
Phone:+371 29234956 (Lubāna mitrāja informācijas centrs - Līga un Lelde)
Offer: the largest lake in Latvia, up to 14 km long and 9 km wide, Information Center of the Lubana Wetland, bird watching (225 species of birds have been registered in the surroundings), watchtowers, fish picnic, Teirumnieku swamp trail with footbridges, mobile ice-fishing igloo, lodgings, rooms for seminars (capacity 40), trailer parking available, place for tents, picnick area, swimming, boats (5), fishing, nature trail, tour guide services, events
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"Igaijas" - dendrological garden of Aija Kaškure
Address:Igaijas, Kalsnavas pagasts, Madonas novads
Phone:+371 29277393 (Aija Kaškure)
Offer: excursion to the garden of the experienced landscape gardener Aija Kaškure, thematic excursions accompanied by the hostess, consultations provided by a dendrologist, purchase of seedlings, picnick area
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“Gaiziņkalns” – the highest hill in Latvia (312 m above sea level)
Address:Bērzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads
Phone:+371 29174945 (gids Rolands Ķemers), 26141853 (gide Danuta Kiopa)
Offer: nature trail (1.5 km), guide, degustation program in the organic farm "Aizupes", attractions, lodgings, café, steam bath, place for tents, picnick area, skiing, cross-country skiing, skiing equipment rental
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“Teiču Nature Reserve”– the largest moss marsh in the Baltics (19779 ha)
Address:Madonas, Varakļānu un Krustpils novadi
Phone:+371 28333415 (Žanete Beča), 26528739 (Dainis Tučs)
Offer: marsh Trail with footbridges (3 km), excursion to Siksala, bird and animal watching tours, watchtower, picnick area, tour guide services
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“Krustkalnu Nature Reserve” – one of the four reserves in Latvia
Address:Madonas novads, Mārcienas pagasts
Phone:+371 26473408 (Guntis Akmentiņš)
Offer: reserve Information Center, nature trail (2 km), watchtower (26 m), picnick area, tour guide services
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“Piekūni” – holiday home, bathing rituals, hiking trails of “Piekūni”
Address:Piekūni, Vestienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4855
Phone:+371 29178245 (Anita Ločmele), 29416180 (Pēteris Ločmelis)
Offer: hiking trails and guide, bathing specialist and bathing rituals, bath school, astrologer and conversations about astrology, lodgings, kitchen, steam bath, place for tents, swimming, fishing
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“Pakalnieši” – forest training centre, nature trails, guest house
Address:(Gaiziņkalna apkārtne), Pakalnieši, Vestienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4855
Phone:+371 26141853 (Danuta Kiopa)
Offer: interactive nature trail "Animal house" (1 km), role plays with dressing-up “An Event in the Forest”, educational programs, classes of shooting a target with a pneumatic rifle, making souvenirs using natural materials, lodgings, kitchen, rooms for seminars (capacity 30), rooms for festivities (capacity 30), place for tents, picnick area, swimming, boats (1), tour guide services
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“Bolēnu Spring” – ancient place of worship
Address:(Gaiziņkalna apkārtne) Bērzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads
Offer: known as Eye spring, Laimas spring and Health spring, cultural object
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“Velna Skroderis” (“Devil’s Tailor”) – the third biggest stone in Latvia
Address:Praulienas pagasts (pie Kujas upes), Madonas novads
Offer: circumference – 20 meters, cultural object
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“Īvānu Velnakmens” – a boulder
Address:Sarkaņu pagasts, Madonas novads

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“Vecsaikavas Bridges over Aiviekte” – non-traditional bridges
Offer: two peculiar bridges over Aiviekste River next to each other: a rope bridge for pedestrians and a pontoon bridge for car drivers, cultural object
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“Aiviekste’s Hydroelectric Power Station”
Address:Aiviekste, Kalsnavas pagasts, Madonas novads
Offer: dam on Aiviekste River, fish path, Ozolsala, cultural object

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