The Taste of Madona region

published 06.07.2017
You are invited to get acquainted with Madona region by visiting producers of food, tasting food and drinks and learning about the traditions of culinary heritage.

1) Camembert. White mould cow’s milk cheese of the farm “Burkānciems” is made using the classic French soft cheese recipe. For travellers: goat farm (about 150 animals), cheese production, hard and soft cheeses, tasting, purchasing. Lejas Ķunci 2, Ļaudona parish , phone 22188433 (Ruta Grauduža),


2) Light beer of Madona.  Made at LLC “Madonas Alus” brewery using the special 6 malts recipe. During the fermentation process, the beer obtains a pleasant, grainy bouquet of tastes, its amber colour and stiff foam at the top. For travellers: learning about the production of beer, tasting, a shop. Bodnieki, Prauliena parish, phone  22016544 (Rolands Zaharovs).


3) Kefir with bifidobacteria. The 3.2% kefir produced at the company “Lazdonas piensaimnieks” has a creamy consistency and a slightly sour refreshing taste; it is healthy thanks to the good bifidobacteria. For travellers: an excursion, learning about milk processing, product tasting and purchasing. Klēts, Lazdona parish, phone 26467187, 29423907.


4) Bread soup. A dessert produced at the biofarm “Aizupes”. The dry mixture uses the bread crumbs of homemade rye bread and dried fruit. For travellers: a story about the farm products (bread, apple sweets, dry vegetables, etc.), tasting, catering - a picnic.  Irbītes, Bērzaune parish, phone 29372796 (Silvija Garbovska).


5) Fresh pollen. The healthy pollen collected on the bee farm “Kalnu medus” that melts on your tongue is an excellently wholesome product of nature. For travellers: a story about bees and the production of products obtained from beekeeping, tasting and purchasing. Lubeja Estate. Rogas, Liezēre parih, phone 29174560 (Sandris Akmans), 


6) Dried duck breast. A delicacy of the farm “TD Sveķi” made using an ancient Georgian recipe adapted to the taste of the gourmets of Latvia. For travellers: animal farm (collections of rabbits, sheep and birds), tasting and purchasing of tinned meat and dried meat, a picnic place.  Sveķi, Bērzaune parish, phone 28353321 (Vita Kangare). 


7) Smoked pork. Cooked at the farm “Sipiņi S” (Aļņi) using a recipe of the ancestors. For hundreds of years Latvians have been working hard and wanted to have a good meal afterwards – meat has always given strength and courage. For travellers: agricultural farm, cattle herd, 100 of species of gladiola, smoked meat, soup, quadricycles, bath-house. Aļņi, Ošupe parish, phone 28893026 (Dace Kalniņa).


8) Happiness is found in love. An aromatic tea herb mixture of Sole Proprietor “55 mārītes”, its rich bouquet of flowers will help restore your organism and joy of living. For travellers: a story about herbs, recognising them in nature, the art of tea preparation, tasting and purchasing. Lejaszīles, Prauliena parish, phone. 26527445 (Līga Lieplapa), 


9) ŽelejZauriņi. Jelly sweets with the strawberry, apple or plum taste are produced at “Madonas Karameles”. Handmade, natural product. Children and sweets lovers will enjoy them. For travellers: caramel workshop, tasting, a shop.  Rīgas street 1, Madona, phone 26380073 (Linda Blažēvica),


10) Mommy’s water pretzels. Water pretzels baked using the recipe of granny Helēna with the taste of childhood. For travellers:  bread baking programme (4 hours), catering, farm goods shop. Bakery and café “Māmuļa”, Parka street 12, Madona, phone 29424634 (Ļena and Andrejs Broks).


11) Home grape wine. This wine rich in taste is made from grapes species grown in the home garden. And if we are to believe that a glass of good grape wine a day improves heart health – why not enjoy some wine? For travellers: talks about making grape wine, wine tasting and purchasing. "Domu pietura", Raiņa street 19, Madona, phone 29296045, 26395710 (Ilze and Astra Riekstiņa).


12) Ancient foods of Madona region. You are invited to culinary classes by the honorary hostess and the participant of the TV show “Īstās latvju saimnieces 2017" (True Latvian Hostesses 2017) Antra Gotlaufa. Together we will cook tasty Latvian foods of Madona region that are made from local farm products. Guest house “Apiņu kalte”, Prauliena, phone 29455829


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