The Interactive Map Browser of Tourism in Madona region

published 05.11.2015
The new interactive map browser is available to the internet users on Madona Municipality tourism portal (see section Tourist Map on the right).

The new software provides a high-quality map of Madona region (scale 1:20 000), zoom in and zoom out functions, distance calculator, and the most important – information about the tourism and recreation possibilities in the municipality. Information is divided in several groups: tourism information, tourism objects, active recreation, skiing, accommodation, saunas, dining, and public institutions. Tourist routes are being created as well.

It is easy to use the map – when you drag the mouse over any object a pop-up window appears with information about the object, which can take you the website of the respective object. The used may also filter services by groups, for example, only accommodation or dining places. The map browser is created in 3 individual language blocks - Latvian, Russian, and English.

Check out the new map:

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