"Dadzīši" ("Thistle") – recreation near the Kāla Lake

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* Well-equipped place for recreation near the Kāla Lake.

* Boat rental: 4.

* Catamaran rental: 2.

* Raft rental (12 places).

* Licenses for fishing in the Kāla Lake.
Information about prices:
* use of the place for recreation per 24 hours: 3 EUR per person (for children younger than 16 – for free);
* use of the recreation place (without overnight stay): 5 EUR per place;
* arrival during the day for fishing with your own boat: 2 EUR;
* boat rental for the whole day: 8 EUR;
* boat rental for a half of the day: 4 EUR;
* catamaran rental: 2.50 EUR per hour;
* raft rental (10 places): 20 EUR per hour, for each following hour 15 EUR;
* licenses for fishing in the Kāla Lake:
- 2 EUR per 24 hours;
- 1 EUR per 24 hours for seniors older than 65;
* use of electricity connection: 3 EUR per place.
Address:Dadzīši, Vestienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV-4855
GPS:56.8700, 25.8259
Phone:+371 29428355 (Ārija Krūmiņa)
Internet website:https://dadzisi.wordpress.com/


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