Wild bird rehabilitation station

The owner of Wild bird rehabilitation station (Savvaļas putnu rehabilitācijas stacijas) is Uģis Bergmanis, an experienced environmental expert and one of the leading researchers of small eagles in Latvia and Europe.

A predatory bird rehabilitation station is arranged in the owner’s private rural property “Tiltakalni”, in Madona Municipality, Barkava Civil Parish. The purpose of the activities performed by the station is the rehabilitation and the return of specially protected species of birds to the nature and the reception of falconry and fluffy birds, as well as black storks and capercaillies for which incurable bodily injuries or limb fractures have not been detected.

* Meeting with environmental experts Uģis Bergmanis.
* Wild bird rehabilitation station inspection.
* Interesting nature and experience stories.
Working hours:Upon application!
Address:Tiltakalni, Barkavas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV-4834
GPS:Lat, lon: 56.765979, 26.458188
Phone:+371 29485851 (Uģis Bergmanis, LV, RU, ENG, GER)


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