Meadow Golf

What is meadow golf?  Meadow golf is a classical type of golf that differs by a less mowed playing course by certain exemptions from the basic rules of the game. It is seen as a leisure activity.

A meadow golf course is located in Bērzaune district, in the recreation place “Subrakkrasti” surrounded by picturesque meadows and lush forests. The area of the meadow golf course is 7-8 ha and it has also water obstacles which makes the golf game much more exciting and interesting.

* The meadow golf course is available both to beginners who want to learn how to play this game, and to experienced players.

* Groups of several people can also visit the course and play golf.

* Enterprises may apply for organization of their tournaments or apply as sponsors of the organized tournaments.

* Golf equipment available: three sets of golf clubs for adults and one set for children/ youngsters.

* Gift cards.
Information about prices:
* a game on the course + one set of golf clubs (the whole day): 20 EUR;
* a game on the course with your own set of clubs: 25 EUR;
* training for beginners (basics of golf playing): 35 EUR;
* seasonal card:
- for 1 person - 200 EUR;
- for family - 350 EUR.
Working hours:Upon application!
Address:Kalnozoli, Bērzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4853
Phone:+371 29460341 (Raimonds, LV,RU, ENG), +371 22441173 (Simona, LV, RU, ENG)
Internet website:


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