Stone House Gallery – the artist’s workshop

The workshop and gallery of the artists Maija Jakoviča and Valērijs Baida is located in an ancient stone house. There are approximately 300 paintings and graphic works that can be purchased. The gallery is located in a remote rural house in Vidzeme region, a picturesque landscape of Vestiena district near Gaiziņkalns.

* Seeing the workshop of the artists Maija Jakoviča and Valērijs Baida and possibility to see the paintings.

* Classes of drawing and painting in workshops.

* Classes of painting.

* Portrait painting using the oil and watercolor technique (90 min and more).

* Ordering and purchase of artworks.

* Possibility to draw and paint in nature together with the artists.

* Excursion to the oak of Vālēni (circumference of 7 m), Gribleja bridge (17th century) and Acu spring.
Information about prices:
* 1.00 EUR for children and pupils;
* 1.50 EUR for adults;
* up to 7 people – 7 EUR per group;
* more than 7 people – 1 EUR per person.
Working hours:Upon application!
Address:Lejas Vālēni, Aronas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4847
GPS:Lat, lon: 56.887405, 26.047789
Phone:+371 29523794 (Valērijs Baida, RU),+371 29438977 (Maija Jakoviča, LV, RU)


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