"Neapole" - pizzeria, cafeteria

* Number of seats: 30.
* Homemade, fresh and tasty Italian pizzas.
* The owner, Marko, is Italian.
* Pizzas for events and parties.
* Hot chocolate.
* The pizzeria is located next to the city’s central square with a view over the fountain (during summers).
Working hours:Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 12am - 7pm
Sun: closed
Address:Saieta laukums 2, Madona, LV - 4801
Phone:+371 22117320


Before 2 g
Uz mājām piegādā?
Before 2 g
Vai pieved pie mājām?
Before 4 g
Super picērija. Ļoti garšīgi. 10 punkti.
Before 4 g
Super! Gribu atgriezties vēl un vēl....
Before 4 g
Ļoti garšīga pica 10/10
Before 5 g
Superiiga pica
Before 5 g
Man ir jautajums vai ši picerija pieved pica uz majam?
Before 5 g
Superpicas!!! :)))
Before 5 g
Vienkārši lieliskas picas!!!
Before 6 g
Great Pizza! Exellent service and attitude.
We ate there 2x in 2 days.
My daughter loved the hot chocolate
Pizza Neapole easily blows away pizza LuLu, Čili pizza, Patio pizza in most if not all respects.
I am certain if Neapole opened a pizzeria in Riga it would be immensely popular,
though would likely lose Marco's personal touch.
Highly recomended. You would have to be blind not to find it adjacent to Saiets laukums
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