Madona House of Culture

The building was once constructed as a Guards house (architect V. Vitands), which was opened in 1935. The relief of a soldier (sculptor K. Zemdega) above the entrance still reminds of the needs of that time. At that time, the Madona Guards House was the largest new building in Latvia outside Riga.

The building underwent major reconstruction after 2005, when wind ripped off the roof of the building during the storm in January. At this time, they had an idea of building an additional floor. The idea was successfully implemented.

At present, the Madona Cultural Centre, the Civil registration office and the Children's and Youth Centre are situated in this building. The Madona Cultural Centre is a home for about 20 amateur arts collectives, a folk art studio and is the town's central place for cultural events.

Address:Raiņa iela 12, Madona, LV - 4801
GPS:56.8536, 26.2172
Phone:+371 64807423, 27871358 (direktore Ilze Šulce), 62400999, 64822631 (biļešu kase)
Internet website:


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