"Smeceres sils" Motocross Track

* Length of the track is 1.5 km.

* Naturally uneven relief with added slopes, turns, and jumps. Base of the track is made from gravel and sand, so it is suitable for riding in any snowless weather conditions.

* It is a certified Category A track. It is suitable for all types of practices and competitions in motorcycling and enduro.

* The start zone is equipped with 30 barriers.

* The track is equipped with watering system.

* There is a car parking next to the track.

* Organising competitions.
Information about prices:
* motocross track 1 practice day - 7 EUR/pers.
* motocross track rent for 1 hour - 50 EUR.
Working hours:Practice times have to be coordinated with the administrator of the sports base (29347575).
Address:Smeceres sils, Lazdonas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV-
GPS:56.8290, 26.1812
Phone:+371 26396032, 29347575


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