"Gaiziņkalns" - mountain skiing, apple candies, nature trail, accommodation

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* Accommodation - guest house, 30 places.
* Banqueting facilities (20-30 people).
* Arbor with fireplace (20-30 people).
* Cafe.
* Group catering (12-100 people, upon application, tel.+371 29372796).
* Souvenirs.
* Picnick area.
* Place for tents.
* Swimming area.

* Mountain skiing, snowboarding: 2 tracks (length of the slope: 420m, 1 T-bar lift).
* Cross-country skiing: 2 tracks (length of tracks till 6 km).
* Camera tracks with ski lifts (1 track, length of tracks 300m, 1 Multi-lift).
* Ski run for beginners (length of tracks 200m, 1 Multi-lift).
* Sledge hill all for all kinds of sledges, cameras and films.
* Equipment rental (ski sets for slalom and cross-country skiing, snowboard and freestyle equipment, cameras, sleds, Nordic walking sticks).
* Maintenance of skis and snowboards.
* Instructors.

* Nordic walking.
* Nature trail of Gaiziņkalns (1.5 km).
* Climbing Gaizinkalns.
* Beach volleyball, street ball, mini-football pitches.

* Gaiziņkalns nature trails
* Group catering (the hostess advises to try the vegetable cutlets, sauerkraut and green cottage cheese).
*Services provided by a guide in Gaiziņkalns and its surroundings:
- Danuta Kiopa, tel. 26141853 (12 EUR per hour from a group).
Information about prices:
* accommodation- 13-16 EUR per person;
* program of degustation - 3 EUR per person;
* group catering - starting from 2.50 EUR per person.

* prices of ski lift maps for 2 hours, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 6.50 EUR;
* prices of ski lift maps for 2 hours, other days – 5 EUR.
Address:Lejas Gaiziņi, Bērzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads, LV 4853
GPS:56.8711, 25.9648
Phone:+371 29822276 (Ingars Garbovskis)
Internet website:http://www.gaizinkalns.lv
E-mail:[email protected]


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