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published 05.11.2015
Bicycles and cycling in general has become very popular among the lovers of active recreation and healthy lifestyle, tourists, as well as environment friends. That is why the Tourist Information Center of Madona Municipality has created 3 bike routes which include the most beautiful places of the municipality, creating opportunities to spend quality free time and promoting health and active lifestyle. Creation of new bike routes is also one of the tools of how to attract larger number of tourists-cyclers to Madona region.

The printed materials prepared in respect to these routs include both accurate and comprehensive calligraphic information, as well as the description of the most notable nature and tourist objects which may be seen on the way.

The first bike route "Surroundings of Kāla Lake and Gaiziņkalns" is 47 km. It is very scenic and full of panoramic views as well hilly, taking you both up and down the hill by turns. The route takes you through the Vestiena protected landscape area, also including the highest peak in Latvia – Gaiziņkalns. The route is exciting also because you have a chance to visit several interesting rural farms - seeing various domestic animals, birds, and orchards - visit two municipality's museums, as well as to take a rest at the bathing grounds of Lake Kāls.

The second bike route "Get to Know Madona" is only 19 km, but it is intended for getting to know the city better and having a laid-back recreation. The city itself also features scenic relief which highlights its natural character, vastness, peace, and harmony. The route also takes you a little bit outside the city borders, allowing you to refresh at the bathing ground of Lake Rācenis. At the end of the ride, looking from the Mountain Lisa you can see a panoramic view of Madona, which according to both locals and visitors is one of the neatest towns in Vidzeme. Unbelievable view which is particularly beautiful when it is growing dark outside.

The third bike route "Around the Lake Lubāns" was established in collaboration with the Tourism Development Center of Rēzekne Municipality and it is unique because a part of it takes you along the largest lake in Latvia, which is also a pride of our municipality. The total length is 57 km, but the route is easy if the weather is not making it any harder. A large variety and rare species of birds may be observed in the surroundings of the Lake Lubāns, that’s why the ride is interesting and gnostic. The other treasure of the lake is fish, which, if ordered in advance, may be purchase for making a fish soup on a bonfire, for example. Birds and bogs, dams and fish ponds, bathing grounds and recreation areas – these are the possibilities offered by the one and only wetland of Lake Lubāns.

The material is made in three languages - Latvian, English, and Russian to make its use easier for foreign tourists.

The bike route maps may be founds in the attached PDF files.


  1. Surroundings of Kāla Lake and Gaiziņķalns
  2. Get to Know Madona!
  3. Around the Lake Lubāns

We have also prepared GPS and KML files for those cyclers who used navigation devices.


  1. The Surroundings of Kāla Lake and Gaiziņkalns   GPX  KML
  2. Get to Know Madona!   GPX  KML
  3. Around the Lake Lubāns   GPX  KML

(If you would like to use the .GPX or .KML files on an Android device (phone, tablet), go to, search for .GPX, and install (if you don't have one) one of more than 200 applications which support the respective files. .GPX files are also supported by the handheld GPS devices, for example, Garmin)

The route maps are available at the following locations (possibly it will be updated):

  • Tourist Information Center of Madona Municipality, 10a Skolas Street, Madona;
  • Virši Gas Station, 49a Rūpniecības iela, Madona;
  • Information Center of the Lubāns Wetland, Aiviekste Hydroelectric Station, Ošupe parish;
  • Tourist Information Center of Rēzekne Municipality, 31 Krasta Street, Rēzekne

The maps are created by: Karšu izdevniecība Jāņa Sēta SIA

Issuer: Tourist Information Center of Madona Municipality, 2015

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