The Taste of Madona region

You are invited to get acquainted with Madona region by visiting producers of food, tasting food and drinks and learning about the traditions of culinary heritage.
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Video clips about recreation in Madona region

To popularize tourism which is offered in Madona region, viewers are introduced to new advertisement materials – 9 video clips. The short films give a visual insight of the most typical tourism features of Madona region: recreation in nature, recreation for families with children, tourism services, craftwork and art, offers to gourmands, active recreation in summer, active recreation in winter, Madona city, and events.
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Bike route maps

Bicycles and cycling in general has become very popular among the lovers of active recreation and healthy lifestyle, tourists, as well as environment friends. That is why the Tourist Information Center of Madona Municipality has created 3 bike routes which include the most beautiful places of the municipality, creating opportunities to spend quality free time and promoting health and active lifestyle. Creation of new bike routes is also one of the tools of how to attract larger number of tourists-cyclers to Madona region.
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