“Pakalnieši” – forest training centre, nature trails, guest house

PakalniešiPakalniešiPakalniešiPakalniešiPakalniešiPakalniešiPraktiskas darbnica 1 011.jpgPakalniešiPakalniesi_2013_ 021.jpg Pakalniesi_2013_ 023.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 030.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 033.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 034.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 037.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 038.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 040.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 042.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 044.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 047.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 051.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 049.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 052.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 053.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 055.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 056.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 057.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 059.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 063.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 066.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 069.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 077.jpgPakalniesi_2013_ 074.jpg
* Accommodation: 16 places.
* Banqueting facilities (30 pers.)

* “The Animal House” (interactive nature trail, length - 1 km, getting acquainted with the behavior of forest animals and birds, recognition of the skin and footprints of animals, etc.)
* “The New Forester” (getting acquainted with the forest elements, trying various forest instruments, etc.).

* Costume theatre.
* Making souvenirs using natural materials.
* Off-site activities (duration of the visit: 1 - 3 hours).
Information about prices:
* Accommodation: 9 EUR per person.

* 1 EUR per program for pupils;
* 2 EUR per program for adults;
* 0.50 EUR per workshop for children;
* 1.00 EUR per workshop for adults;
* 12 EUR per hour for services provided by a guide, for excursions in the surroundings of Gaiziņkalns.
Working hours:The whole year (reservation needed).
Address:(Gaiziņkalna apkārtne), Pakalnieši, Vestienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4855
GPS:56.8950; 25.9492
Phone:+371 26141853 (Danuta Kiopa, LV, RU)
Internet website:http://www.draugiem.lv/pakalniesi
E-mail:[email protected]


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