Hiking with bog shoes

Together with purvubrideji.lv, you have a chance to go on to places never seen by others and try the taste of real adventures.
* Organization of hiking trips around bogs with safe bog shoes across Latvia (also bogs in the wetland of Lubāns in Madona Municipality) for groups max up to 29 people.

* Organization of hiking trips around bogs with safe bog shoes across Latvia according to individual desires and orders.

* Organization of educational seminars, which provide an opportunity to learn more about the structure, formation history, as well as fauna and flora of bogs. Demonstration of methods for research of bog sediments: drilling and scanning with a georadar.

Hiking trips are available for various people:
- active recreation (cardio guaranteed);
- extreme (sleeping in tents or without ... among the wolfs);
- research and learning (drillings, bog plants, formation, and other exciting things);
- romance (catching sunrise/sunset in the breadth of a bog).

Bog shoes are suitable for boots with a length from 19 to 34.5 cm.
With these shoes you can also safely walk along the bank of the bog lake, which is more than 3 m deep.
Trekking poles are not only necessary for keeping the balance, but also for selection of a safe route.
Information about prices:
* starting at 120 EUR for a group till 10 persons;
* 10 EUR for each additional person;
* the price may change depending on the route and length of the hike.
Phone:+371 20120101
Internet website:http://www.purvubrideji.lv


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