Flight with hot-air balloon

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* Flight with hot-air balloon "Latvia"; each flight can take on board 2 to 3 passengers.
* Flight area in Madona district must be agreed according to the client’s wishes and pilot’s recommendations.
* Duration of the flight: 1 hour. However, the complete procedure from the moment of meeting until return to the base takes at least 3 hours.
* All participants must dress comfortably and season-appropriate, taking into account that up in the air temperature is 1-2 degrees different.
* The flying takes place throughout the year, in mornings and evenings, about three hours after the sunrise and three hours before the sunset.
* There could be several restrictions affecting the flight, most often – weather-related; therefore, it must be checked in advance with the pilot whether it is possible to fly.
Phone:+371 29108308


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