"Šubrakkrasti" – guest house, organizing wedding, meadow golf, cross-country skiing, skating area

The guest house "Šubrakkrasti" is located in a fantastic natural surroundings near Gaiziņkalns, in the Bērzaune district. The cultivated territory of 70 hectares includes ponds, a hill near the house and the surrounding areas.
* Accommodation: a guest house, 20 places, possible additional beds.
* Sauna and swimming pool.
* Rooms for banquets and seminars (for 40-70 persons).
* Catering (uppon application).

* Tracks for cross-country skiing (1- 5 km).
* Snow motorcycle rental (only for guesthouse clients).
* Sledge hill.
* Skating rink.
* Equipment rental.

* Open-air altar.
* Large rooms for celebrations (up to 70 persons).
* Possibility to book engravings with your wishes that can be left on the bridge.
* Possibility to prepare soap for the wedding guests with your initials.
* Banqueting hall decoration.
* Gift engraving.

* Excursion to the non-traditional household (uppon application).
* Excursion to the metal-processing workshop.
* Hiking up the hill (219 m above sea level) along a serpentine path.
* “Memory Game” for teams.
* Soup cooking on fire.
* Purchase of flower seedlings (May – October).
* Various degustations upon application.

* Quadricycle and motorcycle for children.
* Trampoline, swing.
* Bicycle rental (for 4 adults, 3 children).
* Boat rental.
* Fishing (only for them, who spend a night).
* Bathing place.
* Meadow golf course (tel. 26567654, Guntis Gailums).
* Possibility to organize camps.
* Territory for organization of sports games and recreational events - up to 400 persons:
- 3 volleyball courts.
- Football field.
- Pond for water activities.
Information about prices:
* accommodation: 17 EUR per person;
* guided tour:
- 3 EUR for adults;
- 2 EUR for seniors, students, pupils.
Discount for groups, possibility to book soup cooked on fire and degustation.

* renting of the complex (house, territory and inventory) – from 450 EUR;
* catering (the menu should be coordinated with the hostess) – 14-17 EUR per person;
* decorations and ornaments in the premises – 100 EUR -… (the price depends on the client’s requests);
* sound and light devices – 150 EUR.

* place for tents - 4 EUR tent + 3 EUR per person;
* boat rental - 3 EUR per hour;
* bicycle rental - 4 EUR per hour, 7 EUR per day;
* quadricycle and motorcycle for children - 28 EUR per hour.

Possibility to get discount for activities if You are staying for night!
Gift cards!
Working hours:Upon application!
Address:Kalnozols, Bērzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4853
GPS:56.8026, 25.8314
Phone:+371 29189120 (Anita Aizstrauta), administrators 22441173
Internet website:http://www.arakalnozols.lv


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