“Piekūni” ("Falcons") – holiday home, bathing rituals, hiking trails of “Piekūni”

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“Latvian heritage” farm. Cultural sign “Latvian heritage” is given for those Latvian tourism enterpreuners, who are still keeping and showing Latvian cultural and traditional values for visitors in their farms.
* Accommodation: 9 places.

* Banqueting facilities: for 9 persons.

* “Bathing ritual of Piekūni”. Duration of the ritual: 2-4 hours. One evening may be shared by 1-2 persons. Bathing specialist Anita Ločmele.

* Visit of the Nature trail. The holiday home “Piekūni” is the beginning of three nature trails: “Piekūnu Hiking Trail”, “Lake – Forest Trail” (2 km) and “Heart-Love Trail” (1.5 km). All trails may be used only in the company of a guide of “Piekūni”, the trails will teach you to feel the natural energy of Gaiziņkalns and its surroundings.

* Astrologer and conversations about astrology.

* Sand game therapy.
Information about prices:
* accommodation with a bath house: 50-130 EUR per house;
* services provided by a guide: up to 20 persons: 15 EUR per hour for a group.
*environmental guide lesson “Bebraines ķēķis” (up to 25 pers., from 1.5 h)
Address:Piekūni, Vestienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4855
GPS:56.8664, 25.9435
Phone:+371 29178245 (Anita Ločmele, LV, RU), +371 29416180 (Pēteris Ločmelis, LV, RU, GER)
Internet website:http://www.piekuni.lv


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