"Jaunsīļi"- guest house, catering, horse riding, hunting

* Accommodation: 14 places in winter, 30 places in summer.
* House with a banquet hall, fireplace and terrace (30 pers. in winter, 90 pers. in summer)
* Bath with an outdoor terrace, bathing place and recreation room.
* Organization of banquets and catering.
* Professional massage (classical, relaxing and SPA massage).
* Place and accessories for cooking shashlik, fireplace, swing for children, trampoline, dart throwing.

* Horse riding.
* Sleigh riding in winter.
* Fishing.
* Hunting.
Information about prices:
* accommodation: 35-40 EUR per room;
* rental of the banquet hall: 200 EUR per evening;
* bath: 14 EUR per hour or 71 EUR per evening.
Address:Jaunsili, Praulienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4852
GPS:56.7717, 26.3253
Phone:+371 29468692 (Sergejs Falejs)(LV, RU), 27531643 (Svetlana Faleja)(ENG, GER)
Internet website:http://www.jaunsili.viss.lv


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