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Presentation about Madona district
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Address:Bērzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads
Gaizinkalns is the highest point of Latvia. Its altitude is 311.6 m above sea level, the relative height of the hill - 61.6 m; it extends about 1 km long and 650 m wide.
Visitors can walk the 2 km long nature trail that first leads to the top of the hill where you can see beautiful panoramic landscapes, but the way back goes along the scenic road of the foothills.

The area of Gaiziņkalns is privately owned by several landowners. Since summer 2012 the 2 hectares at the top of the hill around the sight tower are being leased by Madona district municipality.
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Kalsnavas Arboretum
Address:Jaunkalsnava, Kalsnavas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4860 [GPS: 56.68460, 25.94803]
Phone:+ 371 27841099, 29233063
Charges:* 1 - 2,50 EUR/ pers.
* 8 - 12 EUR/ group guide service and advice
Working hours:Mo: -
Tu, We, Thu, Fr, Sat: 10.00 – 17.00
Sun: 10.00 – 15.00
* hiking trails,
* tour guide,
* educational programs for children
* program for newlyweds and wedding guests
* cone on entering the inspection
* advice on trees and shrubs,
* ornamental shrub and tree seeds
* floristic materials
* seminar rooms
* resting place.
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Teiči Nature Reserves
Working hours:after the application, must be at least 1 - 3 business days before the visit!
Guided tours of the nature reserve. Choice of routes to take- either by car or on foot. The reserves are the state's specially protected territories with a regime of firm protection. It means that not only economic activities, but also visits are strictly forbidden.

* visits to the nature trails with rangers of the reserve
(tel. + 371 26528739).
* Free available (no reservation or booking needed) is the 27-meter-high observation tower of Teiči Reserve
[GPS: 56.5399; 26.5659].
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Lubana Lake
Address:Aiviekstes hidromezgls, Ošupes pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4833 [GPS: 56.8164, 26.9065]
Phone:+371 29234956
* Lubāns wetland Tourist Information Centre visit. The Centre offers: tourist guides, binoculars and telescopes surrounding the birds and watching the landscape, 6-bed boat hire, accommodation for 5 persons, guide service.
* Bird watching from the lake overlooking the surrounding towers. Nearby recorded 225 bird species, of which 51 have entered the Latvian Red Book. Bird watching is available in six observation towers.
* Hike through the 800 m long "Teirumnieku Swamp Trail".
* Lubāns lake fish purchased. Depending on seasonal offers, pike, tench, bream, zander. Fishermen holding smaller companies also offer tours of industrial fisheries (tel. 29204956).
* Boat trips Aiviekstes River. It is suggested routes, canoe rental, boat and passenger transportation (tel. 25434346, 20224063).
* Water tourism development centre "Bāka" (comfortable swimming place,tent and picnic places;windsurfing, kite boarding sets, water boards and water skis, motor boat; tennis court, volleyball field; places for camper trailers; exhibitons and other events,rooms for seminars; observation place on the roof terrace; accommodations (tel. 26663358).
* Bike rental (5, offers Lubāna wetland TIC, tel. 29234956).
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Krustkalni Nature Reserves
Address:Madonas novads, Mārcienas pagasts.
Working hours:after the application, must be at least 1 - 3 business days before the visit!
* Free available (no reservation or booking needed) is the 27-meter-high observation tower of Krustkalni Reserve [GPS: 56.5399; 26.5659].
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Interactive trail "Animal Homes"
Address:(Gaiziņkalna apkārtne), "Pakalnieši", Vestienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4855
GPS:56.8950; 25.9492
Phone:+371 26141853 (Danuta Kiopa); E-mail:
Charges:* 1 EUR/ pupils,
* 2 EUR/ adults.
Working hours:after the application!
This program is offered by Training Centre of State Forest Service Consulting Services Centre “Pakalnieši”. This program offers you taking an interactive walk down the “Dzīvnieku mājas” (Animals’ homes) accompanied by Mother Forest and Father Forest and playing an educational role-play with a cheerful costume game called “An event in the forest”.

Services: Air-rifle shooting classes; lodgings, kitchen, rooms for seminars (capacity 20), TV, place for tents, picnick area, swimming, boats (1), tour guide services
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Bolēni eyes’ spring
Address:(Gaiziņkalna apkārtne) Bērzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads
Also known as Eyes’ spring, Laima and Health spring. It is believed that the water from this spring has eye-healing properties. The spring is located in an 8 meters deep ash-tree glen. The water temperature in this spring remains at +7 degrees by Celsius throughout the year. Down its flow-out a groove for water-taking purposes has been placed in its runway.
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Aiviekstes Water-power Plant
Address:Aiviekste, Kalsnavas pagasts, Madonas novads
Aiviekstes Water-power Plant stopped its work in 1969 but in 1988 it was included in the list of renovable power stations. In 1993 began its reconstruction and a year later it was launched again running the Swedish Francis-type turbine. The total capacity of the plant is 0.8 MW, so in 2007 it produced 3 GWh of power or 0.1% of the total performance of Latvenergo. (Source:

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